What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating is a layer of protection applied to your vehicle, similar to a wax/sealant but better in many ways. Unlike a wax which sits on top of your vehicles paintwork and needs to be reapplied every few months, a coating bonds directly to your vehicle and can last multiple years. Coatings also provide superior protection to damaging elements such as UV rays, Bird droppings, Chemical staining, road grime, and other harmful contaminants. Providing other benefits as well including enhanced gloss, ease of cleaning and more. If you want one of the highest forms of protection for your asset, a coating is for you.

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Ceramic Coating

A superior form of paint protection...

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- The Application Process -

Step One - Perfect the paint.

Prior to applying any form of coating getting the paint as close to perfect as attainable is the most important step. You want to remove as many defects from the paint as you can to allow for proper adherence and ensure your coating applies correctly. Lightly defected/New cars will be able to receive just a One Step polish, whereas moderately/heavily defected cars may require a more intensive multiple stage paint correction. 


Avalon Armor Shield IX
A budget friendly 1-2 year consumer grade coating, has all the sought after properties of a ceramic coating, however features no warranty from the company and has a limited timeframe of protection.

Company Warranty - N/A
Installer Warranty - 6 Months

Step Two - Apply the coating.

Following the necessary paint correction when the vehicle is looking its best, it is important to do an IPA wipe down to remove any final compounds, oils, or contamination that may have landed on the vehicle before sealing in the paint permanently. The coating is then applied in small sections using an applicator block and overlapping passes. After the flash time is up the excess coating is fully removed in order to prevent "High Spots" where the coating was not properly removed.


System X Pro SS
A cost effective midrange professional grade coating that will last for years to come. Pro SS allows for incredible gloss & hydrophobic properties. Also features a 6 year warranty from Element 119.

Company Warranty - 6 Years
Installer Warranty - 1 Year

Step Three - Curing and protection.

After the coating is applied it will need time to cure in a controlled environment, and properly bond to the Surface of the vehicle. Most coatings will be ready to drive within a few hours but will continue to cure over the span of a few days. All coatings take place at my shop located in Kennesaw, GA and are an overnight drop off appointment to allow for the highest quality of work and proper cure time.


System X Diamond SS
The best of the best... Diamond SS is SystemX's flagship coating. A durable long lasting professional grade coating. Diamond provides incredible protection as well as a very long time span. Diamond SS Also features a lifetime warranty from Element 119.

Company Warranty - Lifetime
Installer Warranty - 1 Year